Man sentenced for violent threats against SW Michigan girl

Posted at 4:20 PM, Feb 09, 2016

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. - A man who made grisly threats to a southwest Michigan girl and made terrorist threats against the county has been sentenced.

Chad Ehrich, 23, of Eau Claire, was sentenced to 18 months of probation, including no social media use, for misdemeanor charges for malicious use of a telecommunication device. Ehrich spoke to the judge Tuesday and apologized, stating he's taking responsibility for his actions that came from a "dark place."

Last December, Ehrich confessed to making death threats against his ex-girlfriend Frankie Nearn. Willie Nearn, the victim's father, showed FOX 17 pages of Facebook messages between his daughter and Ehrich that are too gruesome to share and include statements that he would cut his ex into pieces then feed her to a dog, and stated he was ISIS.

Frankie said she learned valuable life lessons and warns others as they date.

“Listen to other people, they know what some people are and what they do," said Frankie Nearn. "You definitely should listen. No matter how much you love them, your family loves you more, and that’s why they’re trying to help you, so listen to your family.”

Frankie Nearn took these messages to Hartford Police, including YouTube videos that made threats against the U.S. government. Those videos are offline as the FBI investigates. Immediately after he was charged, Willie Nearn started a social media campaign to document the case against Ehrich, and started the Facebook page, Chad Ehrich what has he done to you?  Click here to read that story.

Tuesday, a judge included several conditions to Ehrich's probation: he sentenced him to 51 days in jail, with the first 20 to be served on weekends in a work alternative program, withe the remaining days suspended. If Ehrich violates probation he could serve up to one year in the county jail. He must also continue counseling, cannot have or be around drugs, alcohol, or weapons, stop social media use, and pay $1,275 in fines.

The Nearns said they are most assured by the court's order for Ehrich to not use social media for the next 18 months.

“I diligently hope he stays off social media, that’s my main concern ‘cause this is where he finds his victims," said Willie Nearn. "He trolls social media, and without exaggerating, I mean I’ve got the flash drive in my pocket, he has added 160 young girls in the last 10 days, that’s absolutely crazy.”

FOX 17 spoke with Ehrich for the first time since he was charged who said he is "not psycho."

“I am sincerely, you know, sorry, you know to the family for what I did, but I’m not violent, I have no violent tendencies, just a dark place you know in my life," said Ehrich.

"I took it out on the wrong people when I should have been getting help, I am getting help. I do feel better being able to get my side out there and let people know that you know I’m not crazy, I’m not psycho or anything like that, he said."

The Nearns said they wish Ehrich well, but ask others to report if they receive any similar threats to their local police department.

“Come forward," said Frankie Nearn.

"All I can say is come forward, don’t be scared, I know I was and I still am shaking as we speak but it’s worth it. You will feel closure like I did and you’ll just be glad that you did, ‘cause it’s not right for you to keep it all built up, you need to tell someone.”