Frankly Speaking: National Weatherperson’s Day

Posted at 10:16 AM, Feb 05, 2016

Good morning and happy holiday!  It’s one of the most important holidays of all time, and that is National Weatherperson’s Day, of course!



Much like yesterday, we’re seeing a few moderate bands of snow develop and they will continue to slowly move.  Visibility will decrease and you’ll see a quick half an inch in areas with some of the deeper purple shade with lake effect enhanced bands.

Radar 1 (1)

Road conditions will be quicker to worsen today versus yesterday because the air temperatures are much cooler.

DMA_Temps (3)

3DayForecast_Full_Tomorrow (6)

The weekend ahead shows a gradual warming.  Most light snow showers will occur to the north of I-96 tomorrow morning.  By late Sunday, a rain/snow mix will take place with better chances for snow Monday into Tuesday.

Advanced Tracking (4)

Colder Canadian air settles over us by middle of next week, with some of the coldest weather we’ve seen in several weeks ahead.


Projected temperature Wednesday morning are certainly cold, but not anywhere near what’ll occur on the other side of the lake.  With the lake still not frozen, it’ll regulate our temperatures from falling too far.  Have a great weekend until then.  We’ll keep you posted on next week over the next several days!