Video details warning for convicted felon shot by police

Posted at 10:12 PM, Feb 04, 2016

CALHOUN COUNTY, Michigan.— An man suspected of armed robbery was shot Wednesday afternoon by a Calhoun County Sheriff’s sergeant following a chase. And now, in newly released dashcam footage provided by the sheriff’s office, the frightening encounter is public.

Deputies say it all started when they spotted a brown Chevy Silverado that matched the description of one used in an armed robbery on Sunday. Attempts made at stopping the truck failed, which led to a brief chase that ended near 30th Street and Dickman Road, when the driver of the truck pulled into a driveway and ran into a garage.

In the video, Derrick Shirk, who has been named by officials close to the investigation, reappears brandishing something that resembles a gun. It ultimately turned out to be an airsoft gun without the orange tip on the end.

The sergeant orders Shirk several times to drop his gun, but Shirk keeps it up. At that point, the sergeant opens fire, hitting Shirk twice in the torso.

After the shooting, deputies say that Shirk said, “Why didn’t you kill me?" That would suggest that Shirk's refusal to drop his perceived firearm was an attempt at what is commonly called suicide-by-cop.

Online jail records show that Shirk has a lengthy rap sheet that goes as far back as 1982, including armed robbery, possession of illegal weapons, and three breaking and entering convictions.

Shirk is reported as being in stable condition Thursday night.