Frankly Speaking: February Rumbles

Posted at 9:41 AM, Feb 03, 2016

Good morning!  It’s hard to believe it’s February 3rd already.  Time sure is flying this year already.  We’ll be in the spring time before you know it!  It sure felt like spring to some yesterday as our skies lit up in the afternoon and evening. Rumbles of thunder boomed and our temperatures were in the 30s!

Radar1 (2)

A scan of the radar yesterday shows the initial precipitation that moved in from the southwest.  We started off with heavy rain and then mixed into snow and sleet just after noon.

Radar 3

After the afternoon progressed, you’ll see the lavender colors along interstate 96.  This precipitation was in the form of sleet, or tiny ice pellets.  SLEET Explainer

The warmer layer of air sandwiched itself in between the colder layers, and melted the snow before it refroze above the surface.

Radar 4

Just after 6 yesterday evening, we even saw quite a few flashes of lightning!  This is when it felt a little bit more like spring, especially with some of the amounts of precipitation that fell.  Areas to the north were seeing a snow and sleet mix at this time, and totals ranged around an inch or greater.

Radar 5

By 9 o’clock, most of the precipitation transitioned to liquid and heavy rain fell for most of the night.  Without going outside, you wouldn’t have thought we were talking about the 2nd of February!

DMA_ObservedPrecip 24 HR

By yesterday night, many of the major locations and airports received over an inch of rain, which was very impressive for this time of the year.  Record rainfall received in Grand Rapids and Muskegon!


Because of all the leftover moisture and changes in air mass, we saw quite a bit of fog to start the morning.  Some visibilities hovered near 0 for most of the morning!

DMA_Temps Last 24 HRSATRAD

As the cold front took over, check out Coldwater this morning at 3:30!  Short lived, but that definitely felt like spring in the early morning.  As the cold front moved through temps fell, and will be fairly steady throughout the day.

Garry Future Track

A rain/snow mix will begin just after noon today, with the changeover to snow pretty quickly.  Scattered snow showers will be around for most of the evening, so slick driving conditions will be possible.  Very little accumulation is expected, but always be advised of slick areas on roadways.

Garry AM Dayplanner (6)

Temps slowly fall today, but will be mostly steady.  Winds out of the southwest for most of the day, until this evening when they’ll switch to the west.  Off and on snow showers through Thursday are possible as well.  Have a great day and enjoy the middle point of your week!