‘Once a month my son takes me on a date’ — Mom’s Facebook post goes viral

Posted at 8:55 AM, Jan 05, 2016

MONROE, Mich. — A young mother says she is teaching her son how to treat a woman right, and her Facebook post about it has gone viral.

Nikkole Paulun appeared on the MTV show “16 & Pregnant” and has been on the receiving end of some very negative social media posts. But this time, thousands of people are applauding her story.

Friday night she posted about a “dinner date” between she and her 6-year-old son. More than 2.7 million people have liked her story.

“Once a month my 6-year-old son takes me out on a dinner date. He opens doors for me, pulls out my chair, talks about his day & asks me how mine was, pays the bill with money he earned by doing chores, and even tips the waiter/waitress. By doing this I am teaching him how to treat a lady & how to take her on a proper date. How to show that he respects the woman he loves (right now that would be mommy). We put our phone and iPad away (except to take this photo) and sit and talk to each other about our days, things we want to do, etc. I’m teaching him proper table manners and that it’s rude to sit on your phone on a date with your mom or with anyone else. He learns the value of money and how to manage it. He learns how to do math as we add up what we want and make sure we have 15% of it to leave for a tip. Yes he is young but I believe this is something he should learn now. It’s never too early to teach your child how to properly respect others, especially women. As a woman who has been abused & treated like crap in the past, it’s extremely important to me that I teach my son how to show respect. Too many men these days have no idea how to treat women or how to take them on a nice date. It’s nice to know my son won’t be one of them.” 

Some people criticized Paulun for making her son pay for the dinner, but she had an answer for that too.

“He enjoys doing it. It makes him happy. I would never force him to do something he didn’t want to. He prefers to spend his money doing something special with me than to spend money on toys. He already has his game station, toys, and things he wants. He’s very thrifty with his money and refuses to spend on things he thinks he won’t really use. I give him extra money to be able to do this lol having a special day for just us two is something he truly cherishes and looks forward to, as well as using his money to pay the bill.”

By Monday afternoon, the post had been shared nearly 500,000 times.

Facebook temporarily suspended Paulun’s page Monday afternoon after people reported her as a fake account, Paulun told FOX 61, but her page and the viral post have since been restored.