Fans react to Broncos win over the Blue Raiders in Bahamas Bowl

Posted at 8:31 PM, Dec 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-24 21:10:25-05

KALAMAZOO, Mich. - The Western Michigan Broncos beating the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee State is a good win. But the Broncos beating the Blue Raiders 45-31 on Christmas Eve in the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl is a great win.

"It’s pretty sweet seeing them in the Bahama bowl," said 15-year-old Brennan Creek whose father John Creek called the game on West Michigan radio. "And I bet it’s pretty fun down there."

Broncos fans gathered at Old Burdick’s Bar and Grill in downtown Kalamazoo to root for their hometown team. And some fans brought their family.

“My mother’s deceased. This is one of her best friend’s all throughout her life,” said Gerald Stahl of Barbra Redmond, both WMU alums. “And she’s having Christmas Eve with us with the family over here.”

The fans at the bar watched a hard-fought win for the Broncos. The first half saw both offenses dominating the game with the score tied 17-17 at halftime. But the Broncos owned the second half and came out with a huge win. The Broncos win means the Mid-American Conference is now 4-2 during the postseason.

"It’s their second one in a  row and we never done it before," said Jordan Kuhl of Western Michigan making it to a bowl game. "It’s so good to see how far we’ve gone and gotten so much better. PJ Flek is kind of taking us to the next level."

All the fans at the bar said they loved Coach Flek and the direction the team is heading under his leadership.

"PJ Flek is a great coach," said Stahl. "I really like this team and I really like what he’s doing with this team, for the Broncos. Row the boat."