Dad fights back vs. man charged with misdemeanor who threatened daughter, made terrorist threats

Posted at 4:24 PM, Dec 16, 2015

VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. - A fuming Hartford father has a call to action after he uncovered grisly threats made to his daughter, along with terrorist threats against the country; but the Eau Claire man who police said made those threats is out on bond, charged with a misdemeanor.

Willie Nearn told FOX 17 he is not going to stand by and let Chad Ehrich, 23, continue to threaten his daughter and other women.

Wednesday,  Nearn created a Facebook page called, "Chad Ehrich: What has he done to you?" in attempts to get more evidence from others who may have encountered Ehrich.

“Everybody told me this guy is bad news, I mean every single person out there said this guy is bad news," said Nearn. "To all the dads out there: if you get this kind of news about somebody, don’t let them around your family, do whatever you’ve got to do!”

The Hartford Police Department gave FOX 17 more than 10 pages of Facebook messages between Ehrich and Frankie Nearn, Willie's daughter, written between Oct. 15 and Nov. 28. Within messages Ehrich made graphic, gruesome threats including writing about how much he hates women, calling them a "disease," and that he gets turned on when thinking about murdering girls. The threats went on to say he would kill Nearn's daughter and her family.

“Every time I read through that stuff I get, I mean my blood pressure just goes up as you can tell, I mean I get fired up when I read it," said Nearn.

Nearn gave the paper trail of threats to Hartford Police, along with some YouTube videos Ehrich posted, which are now offline, threatening the President and U.S. government.

“I just want him to know you’ve got to have consequences for this kind of stuff: you can’t go around threatening to kill people, rape people, cut people up, you know cut babies out of people," said Nearn. "You can’t do this stuff!”

Ehrich was charged with a misdemeanor for malicious use of a telecommunication service. He pleaded guilty Monday and is out on bond, which was set at $50,000.

Nearn told FOX 17 a misdemeanor charge is not enough and explained that other women, even across state lines, have reached out to his family to say Ehrich has threatened them.  Nearn asks that anyone with information post on his Facebook page and report the threats to their local police department.

“I’ve got an unbelievable amount of people coming to me, telling me, ‘yeah, he’s done the same thing to us too;’ that’s why I created the (Facebook) page.”

Van Buren Assistant Prosecutor Jay Blair is handling the case and told FOX 17 that the misdemeanor charge does not reflect Ehrich's threats posted onto YouTube against the government. Hartford Police records show that the YouTube videos threatening U.S. government were turned over to a federal agency to investigate.

FOX 17 looked into Ehrich's criminal record: he has at least one other Personal Protection Order out against him from another woman in Berrien County. Frankie Nearn also filed for a PPO.

Ehrich is due back in Van Buren County District Court to be sentenced February 9.