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Will West Michigan have a White Christmas?

Posted at 12:59 PM, Dec 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-14 13:43:16-05

Frankly Speaking: It’s been quite the warm (& wet) start to the week!  Temperatures had already broken records early this morning.

DMA_Temps Last 24 HR

Normally our low temps this time of the year are in the low 20s.  We started out almost FORTY degrees warmer!


Records that were set back in 1975 were broken in Muskegon today.  The old record was 57.  Grand Rapids tied it at 59 degrees, and it won’t get broken today with a cold front moving though, providing a big drop in temperatures.


Now that the cold front has moved through, you’d expect temps to drop (as they will.)  But when you’re in the 60s, how far can they really drop to become “cold?”  Not far enough to dip to the average high historically, but much more like the average high this month!


Our average temperature is nearly 50 degrees during the afternoon.  To put that in perspective, we saw 50 degrees at G.R. Ford International only one time last December.

That doesn’t bode well for our chances for a white Christmas this year, as this particular computer model shows, the chances of 1″ or greater snowfall accumulation by that time is very low.

Midwest Future Track (1)

Our only chance would be for the “lake effect machine” to turn on at the right time, and our only opportunity will be the end of the week.

Midwest Future Track 2

The main storm track is well to the north of us at this time.  We will most likely see an abundance of snow showers as this system moves off to the east, but accumulation in any great amount is low at this time. Ground is still very warm and the bulk of the cold air looks to stay to the north of us.  Things could certainly change, but count on teeing it up or throwing the football around this Christmas versus the normal sledding and snowball fight.


Speaking of Christmas week, here’s a look at the high likelihood of warmer temperatures continuing.  The NOAA Climate Prediction Center is all on board for us to close out the month in warmer than average fashion.

Snow Wolf airport snow blower

Here’s something to look at for all you snow lovers.   This is about as close to a Winter Wonderland as you’re going to get anytime soon.  I’ll keep you updated on any changes to that forecast at the end of the week.  Have a great Monday!