Holiday Travel Forecast

Posted at 12:45 PM, Nov 24, 2015

WEST MICHIGAN-  One of the busiest travel days of the year is today and with so many people taking vacation time to spend with friends and family, it’s important to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature.

Temps WED PM

We’ll take you to Future Track Temps this afternoon.  A warming trend for much of the country, with MUCH colder air impacting the Rockies into Montana.  That’s all part of a cold front that will have an impact on us (more details to follow.)


All early flights out of G.R. Ford International will have no issues with local weather, and minimal issues with weather around the country.  There may be some slight delays at this point, but major delays are not expected early Wednesday.

WED PM Future

The later in the day you’re traveling throughout the United States, the more likely you are to run into delays.  Rain develops in the Mississippi Valley and scattered showers and thunderstorms impact portions of Florida.


Another sharp cold front has West Michigan, and many other portions of the country, in its crosshairs.


By Thursday morning, temps are incredibly mild, all things considered!  The frontal system draws closer, but it’s only impact on Thanksgiving will be sparking rain showers and wind.


Scattered showers into the early morning hours of Thursday will continue to become more numerous throughout the day

THR 5pm

By the evening, most areas will be part of a soaking rain that will last through the first half of Friday as well.

ThanksgivingTable (1)

Your Thanksgiving planner looks mostly wet, and even breezy.  As the sun rises, temps will remain in the mid 40s.  By the time you’re watching the Lions game on FOX 17 and getting your grub on, rain will become more widespread.  It lasts into the evening as well, setting you up for that tryptophan induced nap.  If you’re a Black Friday warrior, read on.  Things change for you later at night.


Normally, a cold front’s arrival at night isn’t a big deal.  Many people aren’t awake, nor are they outside at midnight, to feel the passage of a cold front.  This Friday isn’t just any old glorious Friday, though.  It’s Black Friday, and for some people, that means big, big savings.  If you’re going to be forced to stand outside for some hot deals, you’ll want to know that it’s going to continue to be rainy, as well as much colder the longer you’re outside.


Temps start off warm, but fall nearly 15 degrees as the winds shift and the colder air mass arrives at the same time many of you bargain hunters are searching for the best deals.  If you’re not shopping, you needn’t worry.  Simply sit back on your couch, Al Bundy style and relax.


Courtesy: Columbia TriStar Television

The weather will be very conducive to staying inside.  Keep it tuned to FOX 17 on air, and online in the mean time, and have a great Thanksgiving!