‘That was God’s hand:’ Father shocked family survived winter wreck

Posted at 9:20 PM, Nov 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-22 21:20:12-05
The Ford Focus Molina's family was riding in Saturday.

The Ford Focus Molina's family was riding in Saturday.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Martin Molina says he's been riding a roller coaster of emotions.

Molina's son, daughter, and three grandchildren were traveling on I-196 between Lake Michigan Drive and Market Avenue Saturday morning when they lost control of their vehicle and collided with a fire truck.

While suffering various injuries, all five survived.

"I could have lost them all, that time, one shot," Molina said.

First responders with the Grand Rapids Fire Department had parked the fire truck on the highway while responding to another accident when the crash happened.

Molina said his son, Martin Shea Molina, Jr., was behind the wheel. Given the condition of the car following the crash, Molina said he's shocked his family survived.

"From the reports I got, they didn't think that there were going to be any survivors. It was God's hand that just took care of them." Molina told FOX 17.


Molina (left) with son Molina Jr. (right)

"My grand kids, being that it crushed on my son,  protected my grand kids. Those seats went back and just covered them. That was God's hand."

Family said all five are still recovering. Molina's daughter, Brandy Grigsby, suffered head trauma, and two of the three grandchildren riding in the car suffered broken collar bones, according to Molina.

Following his family's close encounter with death, Molina said he wanted to share his message to drivers across West Michigan.

"Be aware. Be aware and slow down. This is winter time, and we need to slow down." he said.