Local businesses preparing for first snowfall

Posted at 3:21 PM, Nov 20, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS. Mich. -- The winter season is here and we'll be seeing our first glimpse of snow Friday night into Saturday morning.  Many say the first snowfall of the year couldn't have happened at a better time due to low gas and salt prices.

Brent Fields, Owner of The Lawn Ranger in Grand Rapids says these two factors have helped his company save money while filling up plow and salt trucks preparing for the storm.  He also says that the late start to the Winter season hasn't had a negative impact on business.  Infact, the delay has allowed more time for them to do fall weather clean-up.

As the storm approaches, people around West Michigan are gearing up and hitting local stores.  Employees at the Cascade Meijer in Grand Rapids say people have been in and out all day buying all the essentials needed for winter.  They say the most common items going through the checkout seem to be windshield wipers, ice melts, and shovels.