Finding Ryley his Forever Home

Posted at 6:47 PM, Nov 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-17 19:46:37-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – A fifth grader asked FOX 17 to share his story across the country, just so that he can find a family. As we continue our Forever Home series, we introduce you to Ryley, 11, a charismatic, born leader hoping to be adopted.

Ryley is the type of kid you love to spend time with right off the bat: he’s fun and focused, but he’s always thinking of others. Right now he’s living in a group home and desperately wants parents and maybe even a sibling of his own.

He’s a natural athlete and teacher. When FOX 17 asked him what kind of person he is, Ryley said the type who “leads the group.”

Tuesday FOX 17 spent the afternoon shooting hoops and exercises at MVP Sports in Grand Rapids.

Ryley said he has been playing pitcher, quarterback, and the center in hockey since he was four-years-old. And it looks like he’s never lost his humility: Ryley explained once he gave up his spot on his hockey team to an incoming teammate, because there was not enough room on the roster.

“We got a new kid who wanted to join the team and we didn’t have any more spots, so I volunteered to get off the team,” said Ryley.

In school Ryley loves science, and he is a social studies wiz, especially when it comes to Michigan facts and history.

“The state fish is the brook trout, and the state tree, of course most people think it’s the oak, but it’s actually the white pine,” said Ryley.

Living currently in a group home placement, Ryley said he stays busy playing games and building Lego projects.

“I’m a really intelligent person, and I’m especially good at Legos,” said Ryley, as he explained his latest, intricate Star Wars model he built.

His latest projects keep his mind off some of the negatives of living in a group home, Ryley said.

“I really deserve [to be adopted,] and that I want to get out of the place I am in now,” said Ryley.

Instead, he stays focused on finding his ideal family, who he described as, “A dad, mom, dad, and a dog, and probably like a baby brother.”

Ryley said he would love to go fishing, play football, and especially go tubing with a family of his own one day.

If any families are interested in learning about Ryley, or interested in adopting him, please call Orchards Children’s Servicesat 1 (855) 694-7301.

Each week FOX 17 features a child in the state’s foster care system who is in need of a loving adoptive home. Because of our viewers’ help, almost every child and teen we have featured is in the process of being adopted.

FOX 17 would like to give a special thanks to MVP Sports for a wonderful filming session!