Muskegon football team rallies around Anthony Hall after mothers death

Posted at 11:07 PM, Nov 12, 2015

MUSEKGON, Mich -- On October 16th the Muskegon football team lost to Mona Shores, senior wide receiver Anthony Hall lost so much more than a football game.  Hall's mother died unexpectedly in her sleep that night.  It'a situation that no high school kid should ever have to go through, but Anthony has had support from his football family.

"They've been helpful, they came to my house as a group I didn't have any idea they were doing that. At the funeral they brought me something up, I had no idea they were doing that so they have been really helpful through the situation"  Anthony said.

"It is very tough having to see a friend go through things like that but the best thing you can is be there for him" teammate Jacarius Scott said.

Muskegon head coach Shane Fairfield is always talking to his players about life.  The last few weeks has been a lesson no coach wants to teach.

"It's always good to have a family to lean on and these guys are all so close and I think they've all embraced him and helped him through this moment" Fairfield said.

Last Saturday after the Big Reds beat Mona Shores in a playoff game, Fairfield presented Anthony with a framed number one Muskegon jersey.

"This moment is about you and your mom being Muskegon's number one fan" Fairfield said.  "No one has ever had the number one jersey again but his mother will always be number one Muskegon in our hearts in his heart."

"I didn't have any idea, it's really emotional, it makes me really feel good about myself. I know it means a lot to her right now so, she always came to the games supported every game she never missed a game, she was always upbeat" Anthony said.

The Big Reds will take the field in Lowell on Friday with their number one fan watching over them.