Did this Wheel of Fortune contestant throw round to let fellow veteran win?

Posted at 1:03 PM, Nov 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-12 13:18:51-05

Some Wheel of Fortune viewers watching the final round on Tuesday night were calling it the most bizarre ever — others were calling it the greatest round ever.

Nura Fountano, who was playing alongside fellow service members during Veterans Week, was the leader heading into the last round. But her guesses left some viewers confused.

The puzzle was “Following Footprints,” but that didn’t stop Nura from guessing “Z” and “Z.” She even declined to offer a letter at one point during the round.

After the round ended, Nura had enough money to win the game and advance to the final puzzle. However, Pat Sajak had some questions for Nura:

Sajak: “Now… may I ask you a question?”
Nura: “Sure.”
Sajak: “You called some unusual letters in that round?”
Nura: “That’s what I saw.”
Sajak: “Well that was an unsatisfactory answer… but she’s not under oath.”

Many viewers speculated that Nura intentionally lost the last round to allow a fellow vet to win some money. Judging by Nura’s answers to Sajak’s questions, we’re inclined to agree.