Tech Tuesday: High tech hunting

Posted at 7:20 PM, Nov 03, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-  Just because you're out hunting doesn't mean you need to leave your high tech gadgets at home.   In fact, bringing a smartphone or handheld GPS along can keep you in the know, when it comes to private property and who owns what.  Hunt by xmaps can make sure you have all the map data you need in the field, even supplying contact information for property owners.

The other big issue is making sure you have enough power while you're on the go.  EcoxGear has a couple solutions.  First, their waterproof powerbank is a small and convenient external battery that's good for a couple of charges.

If you need more power and want a little music for later back at deer camp,  EcoxGear's new EcoPebble Powerbank has enough juice to play music for 50-hours straight.  It comes with two USB sockets for charging your smartphone or hand held GPS.  I also comes with a seriously bright LED flashlight,  built in.  Of course, the entire devices is waterproof and rigged with a carabiner to hang it on tree limbs or a backpack.