Officer finds wedding ring lost in scuffle

Posted at 5:55 PM, Nov 03, 2015

KALAMAZOO, Mich. -- When Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer Jacob Vyverman's wedding band flew off as he was chasing a suspect October 7, he wasn't sure he'd ever see it again. He caught the suspect, but the search for the ring was harder.

Officer Vyverman was left with a nearly fractured wrist after a chase of a pair of suspected drug dealers took a turn for the worse.

As Vyverman pulled up behind two suspected drug dealers October 7, one man ran off, but Robert Lathan, 28, struggled to get away. "If someone assaults me, I'm going to catch them," Officer Vyverman said.

Vyverman went after Lathan, but as he was running, his wedding band flew off.

"I kind of hesitated for a second. I'm like, 'I'll come back and find it'," Vyverman said. But that was easier said than done.

"It's black and it's small and there was dirt and crap everywhere."

After several minutes of searching  and some help from other officers, they found the ring.

Deon Burnett (Photo from Kalamazoo Public Safety)

Deon Burnett (Photo from Kalamazoo Public Safety)

Kalamazoo Police are still searching for Deon Jurel Burnett, 25, who fled during the traffic stop.  He faces a charge of felony resisting and obstructing a police officer.

Lathan was taken into custody and faces charges of intent to distribute crack cocaine, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

Burnett is described by police as 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds.

Anyone with information on Burnett's whereabouts is asked to call Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety at 269-337-8994, Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement Team at 269-337-8880 or Silent Observer at 269-343-2100.