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Courser subpoenas prosecutor, Gamrat canvasses, each vying for votes

Posted at 7:16 PM, Nov 02, 2015

PLAINWELL, Mich. – Tuesday’s primary election will give voters their first official chance to weigh in on the scandalous affair between ex-Michigan House Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat and decide whether they should reclaim their seats.

The investigation into whether the two broke any laws while attempting to cover up their affair is ongoing. However, the Michigan State Police’s investigation into Courser’s extortion claims is finished and was handed over to the Lapeer County prosecutor.

Courser wants the results of that investigation released Monday before the polls. Officials with the Lapeer County prosecutor’s office told FOX 17 that is not happening. They offered no comment other than their investigation of MSP findings will take another two to four weeks.

Yet Monday morning, in a last-ditch effort to shed more light on that side of the scandal, Courser subpoenaed Lapeer County Prosecutor Tim Turkelson to release the details of the MSP investigation. Courser continues to claim anonymous texts blackmailed him into writing the infamous email that suggested he was doing drugs and sleeping with a male prostitute.

“What I think the public needs to know is sort of the context in which I made and did this ridiculous email, they need to know the context of that,” said Courser. “In reality there was an extortion plot that was happening in the background, and then they can make their own decision.”

Courser said he wants name of the the alleged anonymous blackmailer released before the polls Tuesday.

Over in Plainwell, Gamrat appeared upbeat as she canvassed for votes.

“A lot of them [constituents] have said that they feel bad for me, what I’ve been through, and having a lot of my personal business put all over the news, that they still like the way I voted, and the bills that I put forward,” said Gamrat.

She continued to back her voting record, stating she stands by her platforms.

“There’s been a lot of false allegations and false accusations out there, so I’m encouraging people to look at the record,” said Gamrat.

As far as the extortion investigation into Courser’s texts, officials with the Lapeer County Prosecutor’s office would only confirm that they have received the state police’s findings.