MSP: Safety tips for Halloween candy

Posted at 11:33 AM, Oct 31, 2015

ROCKFORD, Mich. -- Halloween is arguably one of the biggest nights of the year. Many will be heading out on Saturday night to trick or treat.

We caught up with Michigan State Police Sgt. Jeff Vargas for some safety tips:

He says he's heard stories of kids receiving items such as candy or baked goods that have been tainted. He also says it's the reason why both parents and children need to use extra caution during this holiday.

Sgt. Vargas suggests parents go through their kids' candy ensuring that nothing has been tampered with. He also warns that anything in jar form or with a screw off lid should be thrown away.

Lastly, he says anyone driving or walking around on Saturday night should use extra caution, especially on city streets, as pedestrian traffic is expected to increase due to the holiday.