Mystery illness puts local boy’s life on pause

Posted at 5:00 PM, Oct 30, 2015


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A family in West Michigan is left searching for answers after a mystery illness turned their lives upside down.

Ma'Koi Robinson, 13, started having severe sezuires and a constant twitching in his leg.  These signs signaling a bigger problem.  His mother Tracy Robinson, took Ma'Koi to Helen Devos Hospital in Grand Rapids where doctors ran multiple tests.  At first they had a potential diagnosis of Stiff Leg Syndrome... using extreme treatments to try and help.  The treatments require Ma'Koi to be hooked up to a machine for 24 hour periods at the hospital.

Recently, the Robinson family traveled to the Mayo Clinic where they learned that he did not have Stiff Leg Syndrome.  They then returned to West Michigan with more questions than answers.

makoi 2


Tracy Robinson says her son is a very active kid who has a love for basketball. Ma'Koi tells us that he's going through a lot, but he's happy to have his mother by his side through it all.

The journey for the Robinson family is growing longer as they arrange plans to return to the Mayo Clinic in January for more tests and hopefully more answers.  In the meantime, as the hospital visits continue, so do the medical bills. The Robinson family has set up a go-fund me account to help raise funds to aid in Ma'Koi's medical expenses.