Howie Mandel’s son gets revenge by recording father after procedure

Posted at 8:45 PM, Oct 26, 2015

Howie Mandel woke up after an endoscopy to find his son recording video. The internet is filled with viral videos of people acting strange after waking up from heavy medication. Most of the subjects of these videos are not celebrity comedians.

Alex Mandel was there to capture the moments after his father woke up to share with the world.  It appears the stunt may be payback for the time Howie did the same thing to him.

Mandel starts arguing with his family after they wake him up. Then he makes some unusual statements:

“I’ll tell you something, women, women, make sweaters.”

“I have so much to say…”

“I love my son, I am very proud of my son. He video tapes himself. He must make a lot of money. My son is the most successful person. He is on YouTube and does dates with no pants on.”

It is clear that Howie Mandel follows his son on social media. Alex Mandel is a video blogger and has posted many of his pranks to YouTube and Instagram.

Mandel goes on to say, “Women are missing out. He is such a stunning and talented man. I love my son. Women like him a lot and he doesn’t pick up the signals.”

How old is your son? “I don’t know but he’s on Tinder.”

“He told a woman that he has a sperm suit on and she got pregnant. He is very respectful of women and would never do anything. But he had a sperm suit on and she got pregnant.” said Howie Mandel.

“Daughters are great too. My one daughter has a husband and the other has a computer generated person.”

Alex Mandel then chimes in, “He is a programmer.”

“What are the five questions?” asks Alex.

“How, why, where. How? I’m how. What is a group of persons, people, we. Mash those two words together, How-We, Howie; That’s me.” said Howie Mandel.

He continues, “I don’t remember the procedure, but I believe I had a fantastic endoscopy ’cause I’m a positive person.”

This all appears to be payback for the time when Howie Mandel recorded his son after an endoscopy.

Alex Mandel woke up, still under the influence of Propofol, and spoke to his father on camera. Alex then talks about his parents, his job and the procedure in a very candid interview.

“I have so much material, right here.” said Howie Mandel.