Dash cam video released of police response to weekend party

Posted at 9:47 PM, Sep 30, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Newly released GRPD dash camera footage shows what happened Saturday night after a party that got out of hand led to a citywide call for back-up.

"There seems to be a question in some people's mind as to exactly what took place," said Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Terry Dixon. "We're offering our best video footage to help show that."

More than 35 officers responded to a party in the 1900 block of Giddings Avenue SE that night. One person was tased and nine were arrested, including the resident of the home who police say refused to calm things down and resisted arrest.

Dash camera footage shows the arrest not setting well with some of the party goers watching from the front lawn. The two responding officers were quickly outnumbered.

"If you really slow the video down and go frame by frame, it shows where there is a male person who is pushing and pulling on a police officer while that officer is trying to effect an arrest," said Sgt. Dixon.

Sgt. Dixon said the dash cam began recording around 10:30 Saturday night when two officers arrived to find dozens of party goers, loud music, a bonfire, and light show.

First, officers made contact with the homeowner, trying to break things up. One officer said, "If you can get all these people out of here, then we're all set. Can you do that?"

Sgt. Dixon said the woman refused even after police told her they would take her to jail for not complying.

"She was advised there was a definite violation of the city ordinance and that she was asked to comply several times," said Sgt. Dixon. "She is the homeowner and responsible for the activities that took place. There she was subsequently arrested."

"We're very fortunate that there were not more injuries involved here," said Sgt. Dixon. "Specifically we don't want any of our citizens to get hurt. We don't want the officers to get hurt."

Sgt. Dixon said GRPD released dash cam footage to be as transparent as possible and because incidents like this one take time to process and are currently under investigation.

WARNING: Dash camera footage contains explicit language