Hero of the Week: Simple action goes viral for Greenville officer

Posted at 10:16 PM, Sep 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-26 22:16:09-04
Jamie Sorsen

Jamie Sorsen

GREENVILLE, Mich. —The actions of a Greenville public safety officer that earned him our Hero of the Week honors, didn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has worked with him before.

Greenville Department of Public Safety Officer Jamie Sorsen has been with the department since 1996, joining on as a reserve officer and firefighter. During his first few years with the force, Sorsen put himself through both college and the police academy before joining on full-time in 2000.

But it was his actions that were documented on Facebook this month that earned his our weekly recognition. After a driver was run off the road by a cattle hauler. A serious accident was avoided, but not before the driver swerved into a parking lot, damaging her tire in the process. Officer Sorsen lent a hand and changed her tire after the accident.

Co-workers tell us his generous effort comes as no surprise. Officer Sorsen is from the Greenville area with deep ties to the community. He graduated from Central Montcalm High School, is married with two children, and in his free time enjoys snowmobiling, hunting and music – Sorsen plays guitar and drums in a local Christian band.