Three charged in Muskegon Heights murder

Posted at 9:01 PM, Sep 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-25 08:32:43-04

MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. -- Murder charges have been issued against three people in Muskegon County. The suspects are believed to be involved in two shootings in Muskegon Heights, taking place in the same week.

"We were able to do the right thing here and bring some justice and certainly some peace and quiet to Muskegon," said prosecutor DJ Hilson.

The investigation started on August 30th, when four people were shot near East Park Manor in Muskegon Heights. Therick Bryant died the next day.

Darnell Byrd was one of the other three who were wounded. He was charged with having bullets after he was released from the hospital, only to be shot and killed just days later on September 5th. Byrd's body was found in an alley in Muskegon Heights.

Shortly after, Josiah Fousse and Kierelle Burns were arrested, and now charged with Byrd’s murder.

"It's alleged in the actual charges that he was, Mr. Byrd was actually shot by his own people. So in essence, that was the folks that he was comfortable and confident with that ended up allegedly killing him," said Hilson.

A third man, Jeremy Morton is also charged with Byrd's murder, and hiding evidence from the August 30th shooting.

Muskegon County Prosecutor DJ Hilson also said the three men are not involved in the September 4th. shooting that left Marquis Grider-Simms dead, but still feel they are some-what related.

"Investigators do have some pretty good leads on that and we'll be continuing to work on that one, and I still believe and maintain that all three do have a connection to each other," said Hilson.

Hilson said that despite charges coming down weeks after the shootings, they have been receiving leads on a regular basis.

"Through the course of this, even though it's taken time, everyday that the investigators worked, we were one step closer to coming to this day where we could issue charges," said Hilson.

Two other women, Brittany Kelsey and Shamarea Salazar are also facing a felony charges for lying to officers and hiding evidence related to the shootings.

"As well as several community members who offered their assistance and cooperation made the issuing of these charges possible," said Hilson.

Fousse was also charged with shooting Marlon Gresham on August 30th. Gresham is the brother of Marquis Gresham, who was a basketball standout and was shot and killed while walking to a team event in 2014.

The three charged with open murder have been denied bond.