Clerk shot three times during robbery recalls frightening ordeal

Posted at 7:56 PM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 22:44:03-04

NORTON SHORES, Mich. -- Tense moments inside a liquor store in Norton Shores this past weekend, after a man showed up with what appeared to be a handgun. It was eventually found to be an airsoft gun.

The suspect is still on the loose after getting away with some cash.

The employees who were there that night are speaking out about the ordeal, in hopes of getting him behind bars.

"What do you need? He said only $75 dollars," said Shamsher Singh.

Singh can be seen in the surveillance video stacking soda bottles in the early morning hours this past Sunday, when the suspect pointed a weapon at him. Singh was hit three times with an airsoft gun.

"I'm not going to die for a minimum wage job and I popped my head out and I see the guy with the mask, so I went back in and like, no I'm not dying," said employee Haili Wilson.

Singhs' co-worker Haili Wilson saw the commotion from the back cooler. After seeing he'd been shot, she came out to help.

"I didn't hear the first time he hit it, but the second or third time I heard them and I could tell it was like, you know it wasn't like a real gun and I could tell and I seen his face and I could tell it wasn't real," said Wilson.

Realizing the suspect didn't have an actual pistol, Wilson said she became more confident when the suspect upped his demands with how much money he wanted to take.

"He was like, just give me the money. So, I walked around to the register. I opened it up and when I opened it, he was like empty out the drawer. I put my hands up and said don't do anything, you said you wanted $75 dollars. And I gave him the $75 dollars. He took the $75 dollars and walked out," said Wilson.

The two were shaken up, but were thankful to not be seriously injured during the armed robbery.

"I was so scared because you knew it threw me off guard. It's never happened to me before," said Wilson.

Despite the culprit wearing a mask, the employees hope he's caught and put behind bars soon.

"I hope he gets caught because especially because it was $75 dollars. Get a job. You know, $75 dollars. Come on," said Wilson.

If you know anything about the robbery, you are asked to call Norton Shores Police at 231-733-2691 or Silent Observer at 231-72-CRIME.