Rep. Gamrat addresses crowd of constituents at Fennville meeting

Posted at 9:34 PM, Sep 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-08 21:34:01-04

FENNVILLE, Mich. -- A crowd of about 50 people crammed into a small room at Fennville city hall on Tuesday night to give state Rep. Cindy Gamrat their thoughts in the recent scandal. Another dozen waited outside to hear the proceedings, and while a handful were there to support her, a lot more had questions and harsh words.

"Give up your job," one person said. "You weren't working in the first place."

The Plainwell Republican kept her cool, trying to stay focused on constituents' concerns. Some people brought up road funding, while others brought up LGBT bills and future meetings. But the scandal involving Gamrat continued to take center stage.

"You said you don't know about me being genuine, so I am going to share a little from the heart," said Gamrat. "This has been difficult. We talk a lot about values, and I have apologized for violating those values."

Gamrat declined to comment on accusations of misuse of funds to cover up her affair with state Rep. Todd Courser.

It was no doubt a tough meeting for Gamrat, but she says she won't resign. Instead, she said she will try and do better and said she will still be able to serve her district.

"I hope I can be  a better representative. I think I can be better because of it," Gamrat said. Of the people she represents, she said, "It's important for them that they can voice their concerns and support, and I am willing to hear those."