Kalamazoo Animal Rescue Project hopes to raise money for dog with only two legs

Posted at 9:54 PM, Sep 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-07 21:54:10-04

KALAMAZOO, Mich.-- The Animal Rescue Project in Kalamazoo, a no kill shelter, got an unusual call from the local pound this past week about an animal with a birth defect that had been dropped off. A five-year-old dog had only two front legs.

Not only did they take the dog from the pound and into their rescue, but now they're trying to give the dog a very special gift. They are looking into some companies out in California that make prosthetic legs for animals. The average cost is $1500 per leg.

Staff have named the handsome mutt Bernie. He is able to get around pretty well, considering he has no back legs. One of Bernie’s leg stumps is longer than the other, so he can use one for balance as he gets around.

Jack Frost of the Animal Rescue Project says Bernie loves going outside and moving around.

“His personality is just amazing,” said Frost. "You would never know that he had a handicap. You would never know. He is just an awesome dog."

Frost was the one to pick up Bernie from the local pound, and at first glance Bernie just looks like a healthy corgi-cocker-retriever mix.

“I pull him out of the cage. He was sitting there, and you couldn't tell anything was wrong,” said Frost.

“I put a leash on him, and we took him outside and put him in the grass, and, low and behold, he is missing both of his back legs,” said Frost.

“When I pulled him out, I will confess I cried like a baby, because it broke my heart how he got around. Nothing seemed to bother him. It was just really inspirational to have a dog with such a great personality with a handicap that didn't even care. He just wanted to be loved.”

So whether or not the money is raised for his legs, the shelter promises to find him a loving home.

“These are the animals that need to be saved," said Frost, "and so we would love to raise money to get him to either get him a wheelchair or get him some new legs."

If you are interested in making a donation to Bernie’s new legs, head to their website, click the DONATE button, and on the PayPal page there is a section to note why you are donating the money. Put “For Bernie” in the appropriate section.

If you are interested in adopting Bernie you can find that information also on the website.