Administrator who resigned in Newaygo to get $59k in severance

Posted at 4:03 PM, Aug 27, 2015

NEWAYGO COUNTY, Mich. – The Newaygo County Commissioners have approved of a $59,000 severance package for the county administrator who resigned Monday, as he faces charges for two alcohol-related offenses.

Tobi Lake, 43, resigned this week.  He had been on administrative leave since July when he was arrested by Newaygo city police and charged with Operating While Intoxicated.

The $59,000 amounts to about seven months of his salary.  Commissioners voted 4-3 in favor of the pay.  Board Chairman Pat Gardner voted for the approval and told FOX 17, “Tobi did a great service for our county for ten years and we’ll miss him.”  He said they felt they were fulfilling the terms of his contract.

Because Lake resigned, severance was not guaranteed.