West Michigan blogger broke political sex scandal before the Detroit News

Posted at 9:39 PM, Aug 07, 2015

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. -- Before thescandal between two state representatives spread across Michigan, a local west Michigan political blogger posted a copy of what he claims is an email from Rep. Todd Courser, instructing staffers to say he was having sex with a gay prostitute on his website.

Brandon Hall said that the story brought him a lot of hate mail.

Hall said that he had a good working relationship with both Todd Courser and Plainwell area Rep. Cindy Gamrat, until he received that email and posted it up on his website on July 9th.

"I always knew that one day I was going to be vindicated. I just didn't think it would be this soon," said Hall.

For almost a month, Hall has been standing alone, publicly accusing Lapeer area State Representative Todd Courser of having an affair with fellow Plainwell area State Rep. Cindy Gamrat, and attempting to hide it by creating a fake story that Courser was caught having sex with a male prostitute outside a popular Lansing night club.

"People were saying, 'Oh did you just make up that Todd was sending this, why are you turning?' Basically up until that point no one defended Todd and Cindy more than my political site. If you ever were to talk to them, they would tell you that." said Hall.

Hall said rumors of the affair have been going on for months, but it was in April when things started to heat up when Courser's key staff members started to be let go.

As more staffers left, Hall's curiosity intensified, wondering what exactly was going on behind closed doors. Then in June, Hall said that he received an email from two high ranking sources, allegedly sent by Courser to his staff, asking them to spread the fake story about the gay prostitute, in an attempt to keep focus off of his sexual relationship with Gamrat.

"I've supported Todd and Cindy. I'm a big fan of theirs. I think they really tried to go to Lansing and do a good job, but we are all human. We all make mistakes," said Hall.

Before posting the email on his blog, Hall said he spoke to Courser on the phone, who urged him not to make it public saying it could be "slanderous."

"He's told me that he was bugged and surveilled," said Hall.

Hall is putting the blame for the elaborate cover-up of the affair on Courser, but is calling for them both to resign.

"When they are in a significant position of power and they aren't doing right by the people they represent, in this case the constituents of these state house districts, and you have a reasonable knowledge of what's going on, you should speak out," said Hall.

Hall said that he hasn't spoken to Courser since he first published the email last month.