Member tells stories of gambling, over-serving drinks at Holland club

Posted at 5:31 PM, Jul 30, 2015

HOLLAND, Mich. -- A member of a private Holland club is telling us about some of the happenings that led to the club being raided Wednesday by the state Liquor Control Commission.

Agents from the commission raided The Pioneer Club Wednesday and removed a video poker machine and other documents.

The member, who wishes to remain anonymous, told FOX 17 that the club has not only been over-serving customers, but also hosting an illegal gambling operation and employees have been drinking on the job.

"The new board is trying to cover their tracks and they’re not doing a very good job," he said.

He tells us that a video poker machine that was taken during the raid Wednesday was used to house an envelope full of cash and keys to safety deposit boxes at local banks.

"Nobody seems to know about this envelope. It's just stuck in there holding all of the payouts that's like a mini bank. Only a couple of people had access to it," he said.

We're told that money from the safety deposit boxes is then written off as money that was made from the clubs juke box and pool table.

"Whenever they got a certain amount of money they put it in an envelope when it hit a certain amount they would take it to the bank and convert it into the pool fund the jukebox fund or the gaming fund," our source said.

No one answered at the club Thursday when we tried to get a comment.  Holland Police say they are not part of the investigation.  We have not heard any further details from the Liquor Control Commission, the City of Holland, or the FBI.