‘Lego Party’ for disabled man with message of acceptance

Posted at 8:38 PM, Jul 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-27 22:52:03-04

WYOMING, Mich. -- A developmentally disabled man from Grand Rapids with a knack for Lego building shared his passion with kids in the community on Monday.

Marge’s Donut Den hosted the “Lego Party” where kids not only learned about building, but also acceptance towards others.

Anthony Torrone has been building signs out of Lego's all his life.

At just two-years-old, he suffered a flu-like illness that left him developmentally disabled. That is not stopping him from letting his creativity flow.

"I've been buying Lego's here for years because I can't drive a car or doing anything, so sometimes I like to do something on a rainy day," said Torrone.

His creative Lego building has also taken a liking to FOX17, making a sign for FOX 17's Morning Mix.

Marge, over at Marge’s Donut Den in Wyoming said that she first met Anthony a few years ago, and knew he was someone with a kind heart that she wanted to help.

"Just showed up one day on the bus and I was so surprised nobody was with him, but he learned how to take the bus over here and he just gets treated like family with everybody around here," said Marge Wilson.

Marge decided to host a “Lego Party” at her shop, so others who share Anthony’s passion for the blocks could also be inspired by his strength.

"I thought it would be nice to have a party and he could help the kids and show them what he does," said Wilson. "The kids have all visited with the other kids to see what they are doing and you know it's a lot more fun if you have somebody that can share your hobby."

Despite never attending a traditional school or being taught to read, Anthony took it upon himself to write a book, spreading his message of acceptance.

"I wrote this book. I thought this book would help learn people a lesson to be kind to one another and to love one another and love your neighbor as yourself," said Torrone.

Sharing their love for Lego's and building friendships at the same time, Anthony said that he’s thankful for everyone’s support."

"I think he's in his glory," said Torrone.

Anthony’s book is available at several area stores in Grand Rapids, including Marge’s Donut Den.