Kalamazoo man creates interesting ad to sell used car

Posted at 8:23 PM, Jul 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-27 23:38:36-04

KALAMAZOO, Mich. -- A man in Kalamazoo desperate to sell an old used car got creative to attract more eyes to his ad. The man wrote a clever post to Craigslist, using imagery and a fake storyline. So far, his plan has gotten quite a bit of attention.

After a week and a half, Andrew Kaser said that his ad for his 2000 white Nissan Maxima didn’t get much attention. So, three days ago, while sipping on his cappuccino at his favorite local hang-out, the Black Owl Cafe, he said that the cup of Joe along with his desperation to sell the car helped release his creativity. He created a fake storyline that said that his ex-girlfriend Kelly left the car, and that he wants to cash in spending the money on “make myself feel better experiences." He added lines like "This is your last warning if you’re dating a Kelly" and described that the car’s speakers could silence his girlfriend complaining from the passenger seat by turning up the volume by writing "Poof no more nagging.”

"I did date a girl named Kelly for a while, so like the blue book thing, that's kind of how it all started," said Kaser.

Not trusting Kelly Blue Book or any woman named Kelly, he’s asking for $1,500 dollars for the car that was actually left to him by his father after he took off to Florida about a month ago.

"The more I wrote, the more things just kept coming to me. You know like the wishing well and all the pennies that are in there. I took a photo of that," said Kaser.

The radio no longer works, but Kaser has another one you could buy from him for a reasonable price.

While the storyline for the car’s history is a figment of Kaser’s imagination, he’s also brutally honest about the car’s shape, writing “It’s a good running and reliable car. Just don’t expect to pull up to the club and have all the hotties begging for a ride.”

"I mean it's kind of rusty, so it's not exactly like the nicest looking car," said Kaser.

He admits that there is still no takers for the car, or the ash tray filled with pennies, but he said that several people have reached out to let them know the post gave them a good laugh.

"Not so much for people to come out and look at it, but a lot of people just saying you know, I enjoyed it. And you know it was funny and like a lot of my friends laughed at it, but no actual sales yet," said Kaser.

Again Kaser is asking for $1,500 for the car with 180,000 miles. He said that Kelly Blue Books said that it’s worth more at $2,000, but he said that you can’t trust anyone with the name of Kelly.