High school students biking 1000 miles for clean water in Southeast Asia

Posted at 11:03 PM, Jul 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-26 23:03:41-04

UPDATE: The 1000 mile journey has begun for two teenagers from Portage Central High School, riding their bikes throughout Michigan while raising money to build a fresh water well in Cambodia.

Alex Hufford and Max Newsome started in Portage Sunday afternoon covering 85 miles before stopping at a family member’s house in Zeeland.

“We have a total of 12 stops, tonight we’re stopping at my grandfather’s house,” said Hufford. “He’s going to house us tonight and he’s making us burgers, and we’re off to Reed city the next day then we’re going up north.”

The plan is to ride 1000 miles in 13 days, touching 4 of the 5 Great Lakes in an effort to raise $6,000 for the well which is being built by the organization, “Activewater,”

Their team, ‘4 Great Lakes, One Great Cause,’ is gaining notoriety on social media and their web page. You can follow their adventure and even donate by clicking the links below.

PORTAGE, Mich. – Two high school students are riding 1000 miles on their bicycles while raising money to build a well in Southeast Asia.

The harsh reality hit home for 17-year-old Max Newsome after watching the women of Cambodia walk for miles just to get dirty water for their family.

“It was like tubs and gallons of water, and they have to walk 10 to twenty miles just to get dirty water,” said Newsome.

Saying some the water they drink wouldn’t even be acceptable to give to our animals, so he and his friend, Alex Hufford decided to raise money for the well. The big plan is to ride 1,000 miles on their bicycles while covering 4 of the 5 Great Lakes for one cause. They’re leaving town August, 2nd and hope to raise the funds in time for the big day.

“We’re leaving next Sunday for a 1000 mile bike ride to raise money for a well in poipeck, Cambodia,” said Newsome.

Their team, ‘4 Great Lakes, 1 Great Cause,’ is riding the distance in 13 days while touching 4 of the 5 Great Lakes in an effort to raise $6,000 for the fresh water well: which is being built by the organization, “Activewater.” The two high school students have been practicing since August, 2014.

“I’ve lost 45 lbs. for this, done a lot of cross fit and different training techniques,” said Newsome.

They’ve raised more than $2,000 but need $4,000 more to make the well a reality.

The duo takes off Sunday, August 2nd and will start and finish at Portage Central High School. Anyone can help financially or by giving the two a place to sleep while on the road by logging on to their Facebook pagein support of their mission.

A website has also been created for individuals interested in following the students on their journey throughout the mitten state.