Family reacts to murder charge in Alan Nelson murder

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jul 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-17 23:17:26-04

Sidney Township, Mich. -- On the day murder charges were issued against 48 year old Alan Lee Morse, the family of his victim, Alan ‘Dale’ Nelson, still feeling fresh pain.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Nelson’s daughter Luanne Cutler told us in a phone call today they’re pleased with the charges, but say nothing can replace their father.

“It really doesn’t bring back our father and it doesn’t erase our pain,” said Cutler, “but it does encourage us that at least justice may prevail in the end. We certainly hope so.”

Nelson was killed in March after a string of burglaries in the small lake community around Nevins Lake in Sidney Township. Three other homes were broken into that night – Nelson’s was the only one that was occupied. Police are still trying to determine if Morse, who was already in jail for an unrelated home invasion charge, is connected to those other break ins.

For the time being – Morse has been issued an open murder charge, first and second degree home invasion charges, and two felony firearm charges.

“We hope everything develops smoothly and he’ll be convicted as he should be,” said Cutler. “On a personal note, I don’t care what they charge him with, as long as he never gets out of jail.”