Overturned kayak leads to emergency response near Holland State Park

Posted at 7:04 PM, Jul 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-07 22:20:09-04

OTTAWA COUNTY - A sighting of an overturned kayak near Holland State Park has led to an emergency response in Ottawa County on Tuesday evening.

Authorities say the first call for assistance came in around 6:20 p.m. after the kayak was spotted north of the pier by the rocks.

A blue kayak was found, but nobody was around it.

Missing kayak recovered Holland State Park

Kayak recovered near Holland State Park (Courtesy: Ottawa County Sheriff's Office)

The kayak has since been pulled from the water, but right now, there are no reports of anyone missing in the immediate area.

Authorities on scene tell us they're also investigating a report of a similar kayak being seen without anyone in it earlier in the day near Tunnel Park.

Conditions on the water are 'choppy' according to crews at the scene, with authorities urging people to use extreme caution if they need to get in the water.

First responders from Ottawa County were initially aided by the U.S. Coast Guard during the evening search.

Authorities say a similar situation played out this morning in the Spring Lake area north of North Shore Beach, where another kayak was located floating in Lake Michigan.  That kayak was also retrieved, but contained no registration or identification.

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office is reminding those who own non-motorized water craft such as a kayak or canoe to either register them with the Secretary of State's office or attach some sort of identification to the water craft to assist in response time in case of an emergency.