Man missing from Electric Forest Festival believed to be alive and well

Posted at 9:04 PM, Jun 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-30 21:04:37-04

ROTHBURY, Mich. -- A friend of the missing man who disappeared from the Electric Forest Festival says he's working on making his way home.

The friend spoke to FOX 17 and said Evan Jensen is alive and well. The friend said they heard from Jensen Wednesday afternoon.

Michigan State Police say that there were multiple credible sightings of Evan Jensen at local businesses during the day on Tuesday.

Jensen, 21,  was last seen at the Electric Forest Festival Monday morning.

Jensen is from Lake Preston, South Dakota, was last seen around 5 a.m. at the festival.

Police said Jensen is 5 foot 9, around 125 pounds with blonde hair and green eyes. He was last seen wearing multicolored shorts, a blue tank top and black Adidas shoes.

A close friend of Jensen tells FOX 17 they had all planned to leave the festival around 6 a.m. Monday. When they awoke Monday morning, they were told by people staying in tents nearby that Jensen had woken about an hour earlier to help others pack their stuff. Jensen apparently walked toward a line of vendors, around 100 yards away from the camp site, and hasn't been seen since.

Because of his age, police said he could’ve run off on his own, so authorities  are considering him as a ‘voluntary missing person’ at this point. Unless they find there’s some kind of immediate threat to his well-being, he won't being considered as ‘missing’.

Police say even though Jensen is thought to be alive and well, they're asking anyone with information as to his whereabouts to please contact the Michigan State Police Hart Post at (231) 873-2171 so they can make contact with him.