Woman involved in Walmart fight says brawl started over racist remark

Posted at 5:32 PM, Jun 09, 2015

BEECH GROVE, Ind. -- One of the women involved in a fight inside an Indiana Wal-Mart said the altercation started over an alleged racist comment.

Video of the fight was shared on YouTube and has been viewed more than a million times. One of the women involved in the fight is now sharing her story.

A woman named Amber called the Smiley Morning Show on WZPL to talk about the fight. She told the hosts she was in Wal-Mart when she heard a woman on a motorized scooter, a woman she would later fight, refer to an employee as a "ni****."

"(The woman) was sitting there yelling at an employee at Wal-Mart, and she was telling her that she was a ni**** and that she was going to get out of the chair and whoop her a**," the woman said.

"She used the 'n-word?'" the host asked.

"Yes, she used the 'n-word,'" the woman said. "So in my defense, I was standing up for the employee."

During the fight, she said no one stepped in to break up the fight.

"I don't blame Wal-Mart employees for not intervening," Amber said. "But as far as security, if you go to any other Wal-Mart fight video, security is right there trying to break it up, help them."

By the time police arrived, Amber said the fight was over. She also talked about the role her son played in the fight.

"My son takes martial arts classes. He's been going to the gym for several years with his father. I mean, he's been in the gym for a long time," she said. "He got a little crazy. I don't have to worry about him ever being bullied."

She described the boy as an honor roll student and teacher's pet. She said his martial arts teachers have taught him not to back down.

"My son is raised perfectly right. My son is perfectly well taken care of," she told WZPL.

After the fight, she said police initially laughed about the video, which she first saw after coworkers found it on YouTube.

"The guy with the camera was showing the video to the cops and they were all standing around laughing about it," she said.

After the fight, Amber said she paid for her merchandise and left.

Walmart sent a statement to WXIN, saying both women are banned from the store:

“This type of behavior inside one of our stores is completely unacceptable and we are notifying the individuals involved that they are no longer welcome on Wal-Mart property. Once we were aware of this situation, a member of our management immediately called the police and we are continuing to work with them on this matter.”

Beech Grove police continue to investigate the incident, telling WXIN in a statement:

"Unfortunately the video in and off itself speaks volumes. We are currently investigating the incident and we will consult with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office as to what if any charges may be filed on the individuals involved."