Rescue teams keep saving rats from condemned Fruitport home

Posted at 2:49 PM, Jun 03, 2015

FRUITPORT, Mich. - Hundreds of rats are still living in and around a Fruitport home and rescue groups are trying to save as many as possible.

Over 1,000 domesticated rats along with dozens of other animals were found inside the home which was being used as an animal shelter and rescue last week. The caretaker surrendered the animals to the township last week when she could no longer take care of them.

Fruitport House Full of Rats 04The township determined the building to be unfit for human habitation and the owner of the home is determining whether or not to tear down the structure.

Wednesday, a Kalamazoo animal rescue team was at the home trying to gather as many of the remaining rats as possible.  They estimate another 200-300 rats still live in the home.  They say other rescue teams have also been at the property rescuing animals.

It is not known if the structure will be torn down or if an exterminator may be called to the property at some time.

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