Grandville considers raising speed limits

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jun 03, 2015

GRANDVILLE, Mich.-- The city of Grandville is considering raising some of its speed limits.

This comes after a study showed the average speeds that 85 percent of drivers traveled at or below.  Several of the averages showed speeds above posted speed limits.

"The concept is to get speeds more consistent, and the more consistent in the speed, the theory is less accidents and less conflicts in the traffic," Grandville City Manager Ken Krombeen told FOX 17.

The majority of the proposed speed limit increases would go up 5 mph, but a couple are under consideration for 10 mph raises.  The streets being considered for changes include parts of Kenowa, Canal, Ivanrest, Wilson, Fairlanes, Prairie and 44th.

Grandville resident Leanne Engelsma who lives off of Wilson Avenue told FOX 17 she's against the increased speed limit idea.

"It scares me with my little daughter, she's just a toddler and she's already starting to walk all over so it's pretty fast and it's right next to our house," she said.  "If they up the speed limit, I think people will push it five miles past that, I don't think it'll make a difference, I think they'll go even faster."

However, Krombeen see's it differently.

"It's not so much about any over the speed limit number.  The concept is you're trying to set a limit at the prudent and reasonable speed that 85 percent of the people drive."

For more details on the proposal, click on the city of Grandville's link.