Ionia Co. couple sink back-to-back hole-in-ones

Posted at 3:07 PM, May 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-28 18:23:58-04

GRAND LEDGE, Mich. -- If there weren't witnesses you'd never believe this one, but it's true. A husband and wife from Ionia County are celebrating after they shot back-to-back hole-in-ones on the same hole.

According to Golf Digest, the odds that two amateur golfers get a hole-in-one on the same day on the same hole is 26 million to one.  But Tony and Janet Blundy went against the odds last  weekend and accomplished the near impossible, leaving golfers around the state wondering how they did it.

"I just like spending time with my wife golfing, doing what we like to do," said Tony Blundy.

Tony and Janet try to play a round of golf a week, but on Sunday they played a round they'll never forget when they shot back-to-back hole-in-ones.

You heard that right. One after the other, consecutive shots.

"My husband got a hole-in-one, and I stepped up and took it from him," Janet said.

It happened on the 16th hole at Ledge Meadows in Grand Ledge, the couple's 7th hole of the day on the back nine. Tony shot first; he teed up 142 yards from the hole and watched it fly.

"It bounced straight up and went down and I looked at Janet and started yelling, 'I finally did it!'" Tony said. It was his first-ever ace.

"I was just thrilled for him," Janet said.

Then it was her turn to shine.   She stepped up to the Par 3 tee and the rest was history.

"It started rolling and it just kept going, it was unbelievable," Janet said.

Janet's ball met her husband's, and it was her second-career ace. She got her first one about five years ago.

"I've had that first one held over my head for five years. I finally got tied, and five minutes later, I'm behind again," Tony said.

Although Ledge Meadows owner, Scott Kelly, wasn't there to witness the couples success, he's thrilled they can experience this success story as one.

"I'm just so happy for them, it's such a great opportunity for them both to have a hole-in-one on the same day and just enjoy each other's success it's just been great," said owner Scott Kelly.

Scott tells FOX 17 he's used to seeing around five hole-in-ones per year, but this year, that average might rise.

"To have two hole-in-ones on the same day, on the same hole is just unbelievable," Kelly said.