Caledonia’s Nick Tuori is enjoying ‘Living Life in the Bullpen’

Posted at 11:12 PM, May 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-26 23:12:29-04

CALEDONIA, Mich -- Following spring sports at the high school level can be challenging if you can;t make it to the game, that is not the case for Caledonia baseball fans, that's because Nick Tuori has you covered.

“My dad wasn’t at a game once, I was texting him the updates and it was long text so  I through it online, he shared it to a couple of my family members and I decided what the heck why not, just keep on going” Nick Tuori said.

For the last three years, the Caledonia relief pitcher has written a blog called "Living Life in the Bullpen".  His teammates and coaches say he loves sports and stats and that this blog is a perfect fit for him, but he also adds a little personality to it.

“Pretty much just write the game recap and write some fun thoughts.  Our top pitcher is on a roll so try and compare it to my favorite songs like 80’s songs.  I just try to have fun with it” Tuori said.

The blog has attracted quite a following, Nick says he averages about 200 views per game and was that an opposing assistant coach reads it.  His teammates highly anticipate each entry.

“Oh! I love it, I remember when he first made it, and it made everybody on the team laugh. He had quotes from everybody and that just made our day reading those” said teammate Danny Paas.

"I really enjoy reading them so do our teammates, parents enjoy it, and it’s an interesting perspective so it keeps us on our toes, what’s he going to write next" head coach Pat Gillies added.

The senior is graduating this spring so the blog is coming to an end, Nick is planning to attend Michigan State University in the fall and says he is unsure what he wants to major in, but he has not ruled out journalism.

“I think he could be a journalist, he could be anything he wants, I mean he is a realy smart kid he got a 31 on his ACT so really he has the whole world at his hands, he can do whatever he wants” Caledonia ace Caleb Sleeman said.

The Fighting Scots are enjoying a good season with more than 20 wins, they hope to successfully defend their district championship this weekend, but win or lose, you can read all about it in "Living Life in the Bullpen.