Jimmy Kimmel makes it up to ‘Price Is Right’ contestant Danielle Perez

Posted at 4:19 PM, May 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-07 16:19:59-04

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" welcomed a special guest on Wednesday (May 6) -- Danielle Perez, the wheelchair-using contestant who won a treadmill on "The Price Is Right" earlier this week.

"I like to imagine when you won, the producers backstage trying to drag the treadmill out and replacing it with something else," Kimmel quipped.

Perez, a comedian, admits that it didn't even really register that she was playing for a treadmill: "I was so focused on cash and prizes ... You just wanna win. You want to win so bad."

Her treadmill and sauna prizes will be delivered within 90 days of the show's airdate. Kimmel wonders how long it will take for the joke to wear off and for them to end up on Craig's List or in a yard sale, but Perez says her immediate plans are "just do what everyone else does and use it as a piece of furniture."

Kimmel caps off the segment by pulling out a jar of generic creamy peanut butter and asking her to guess its retail price within a dollar.

Declaring her answer of $3.29 "close enough," Kimmel rewards Perez with an all-expenses-paid Carribean cruise for her and a friend.