Racy deal? Spirit Airlines offering $69 round-trip flights

Posted at 2:05 PM, Mar 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-17 14:05:09-04

Spirit Airlines is offering a great deal on tickets, but it’s the promotional ad that’s getting attention.

To celebrate the addition of its 69th plane, Spirit Airlines is offering fares to match— $69 for round-trip tickets to certain destinations. On the company’s website, the company leaves little to the imagination in its explanation of the sale.

Editor’s note: The language below may be offensive to some:

“We’ve been waiting to hit 69 planes for years. It’s our favorite number – ever since we were twelve and found that magazine under our brother’s bed (the one with the fantastic articles). #69 is perfect: just the right size, with a cockpit that’s in your face (because it’s bright yellow). Use your mouth to spread the word: Spirit is in an even better position to get you where you’re going. We’re popping an epic Bare Fare in celebration! $69.00* round trip!”

Once word of the promotion spread, many believed the company got hacked. However, company spokesman N. Paul Berry confirmed the $69 fare is real:

“It’s not atypical for us to have these types of ads. Spirit isn’t your typical airline. The vast majority of our customers think they’re funny, and accept them for what they are. We realize and accept that a small group of people might not think the same way.”