Muskegon man’s mission to walk around Lake Michigan

Posted at 10:35 PM, Mar 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-17 22:50:26-04

MUSKEGON, Mich. - A Muskegon man is planning the journey of a lifetime. Jerry Maxwell's mission is to walk around Lake Michigan.

He will start walking May 1, and he set aside five months to get it done. Jerry says he is doing it for his health and to inspire others.

"My mission to pretty much try to get people to get outdoors."

Jerry is not traveling alone: his best buddy Scout is tagging along.

Jerry is stocking everything he needs in a cart. "My cart it has everything I need,  from camping gear to my food bag. Underneath is my sleep bag and hammock and extra water."

Jerry is recording his walk every step of the way.

His journey began after he got into a car accident and fell into depression. "I pretty much was living my life in the video games, not getting out," he says, "Just sitting there and putting on weight." He hopes to lose that weight during his walk, nearly one hundred pounds. He hopes each pound and step will inspire someone else to get up and get moving.

"Just go out and walk and get off the computer and just get outside it is a lot better for your health and you can think a lot better."