Online country music star moves to West Michigan

Posted at 6:19 PM, Mar 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-03-07 14:38:58-05

GRAND HAVEN, MI. - Country music man, Matt Williams, is a self made celebrity and he's moving to West Michigan.

Williams is in the process of recording his first album and he's doing it without the help of a major record label.  Because he's going solo, he needs to raise $25,000 to cover the cost.

After writing the song, "You'll Make Her Cry," he's become somewhat of an internet sensation.

"In one weekend it was at 200,000 views on Facebook, over the weekend it hit like four million," said Williams.

Bypassing New York, Los Angeles and Nashville, Williams moved to Grand Haven, where he's recording his first album.

"Grand Haven is a beautiful place, I actually love it here," said Williams.

After serving in the army more than eight years, Williams is now pursuing his music career with Producer, Bill Chrysler.

Williams has written over 100 songs, which is an investment Chrysler plans to capitalize on. "We’ve already got more songs than we need for the CD," said Chrysler. "While he’s on the road I’ll be going through his stuff that we have left over and plan out the next CD."

Williams is using to help raise money for his upcoming record. The fundraiser is called the, "You'll Make Her Cry," project.

"With your help, we can complete the title track, 'You'll make Her Cry,' and it'll be our album," said Williams.

Chrysler said the album will only take a few months to record.  If all goes well, the team plans on producing a second album within the year.