Feuding Motorcycle Clubs: 4 arrested on gun charges

Posted at 7:51 PM, Mar 02, 2015

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — After a weekend of violence between two motorcycle clubs, the Battle Creek Police Department is releasing new information about two crimes that could be related.

A motorcycle club initially reported as the Outlaws was raided and robbed Friday evening. And 48 hours later, a firebomb went off at a competing motorcycle club.

Police we spoke with believe these two incidents might be connected.

A party at the Outlaw Clubhouse on 20th Street, which is now being called the Southwest Cycle Club by the group’s president, turned into a bloody brawl Friday evening.

An unidentified group of men stormed into the club house, beating those inside with pipes, bats, chains, and pistols, robbing them of over $500 and stealing their club member jackets, police say.

Police responded 48 hours later to another motorcycle club house, the Avengers Michigan Club House located on Michigan Avenue, for a fire bomb that exploded on the property.

Now, Battle Creek Police say a group of Avengers Michigan members were arrested after the Friday night fight after a car was found to be full of weapons.

“We had an incident Friday night where a vehicle was pulled over with four subjects,” said Detective Sgt. Jim Martins. “Those four subjects had numerous weapons on them.”

Martins says the investigation began Monday with multiple task forces assisting. They plan to collect and compare data with other agencies hoping to come to a general conclusion as to what happened and who is responsible for the weekend’s events.