Battle Creek warns homeowners to beware of freezing temperatures

Posted at 10:25 PM, Feb 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-23 22:25:19-05

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. -- The City of Battle Creek is sending out a warning to neighbors to run their water to help prevent frozen pipes. Battle Creek has had 11 frozen pipe services in the past week. The city has been inundated with calls about frozen pipes lately, so they are asking residents to be proactive prevent serious issues.

The city sent out a list of different neighborhoods that should be running their water on a regular basis. The list is very specific and based on areas where pipes have frozen before. Most of the neighborhoods contain older homes that were build decades ago with old pipe systems.

Susan Taylor's old pipe system is always on her family's mind when winter rolls around and the temperature starts to drop. “Our house was built in 1939,” said Taylor. "My grandparents built this house, so we are well aware of how old the piping is."

Taylor keeps a few tricks in her back pocket to keep that ancient pipe system warm. “The pipes are still on the outside of the wall, so we open our cupboards to let the warmth of the kitchen get to the pipes,” she said.

Hundreds of other residents in Battle Creek need to keep the same thing in mind, according to the very specific list that the City of Battle Creek sent out.

Htay Thet, a resident on 20th Street, says they don’t regularly run their water. “We usually keep the heat on high,” he said.

According to the city, Thet should be doing more than that to prevent damage to his family's home, and the answer is running their water. In return, the city is going to compensate residents on their list by making adjustments to their water bills. The homes that qualify should be getting a letter in the mail on the specifics. Bills will be adjusted based on the amount of water used that is above the average over the previous three months.

The city is asking residents at the affected addresses to run water at a tap or faucet that can be left running continuously. The amount of flow should be three-eighths of an inch in size, or about the size of a pencil. This flow should prevent water lines from freezing.

Here are the affected addresses:

  • N 20th St: from 9 N. 20th St. to 189 N. 20th St. (odd numbers only)
  • N 21st St: from 15 N. 21st St. to 194 N. 21st St.
  • N 22nd St: from 11 N. 22nd St. to 194 N. 22nd St.
  • N 23rd St: from 10 N. 23rd St. to 191 N. 23rd St.
  • N 24th St: from 66 N. 24th St. to 194 N. 24th St.
  • N 25th St: from 5 N. 25th St. to 196 N. 25th St.
  • N 26th St: from 7 N. 26th St. to 182 N. 26th St.
  • N 27th St: from 10 N. 27th St. to 146 N. 27th St.
  • N 28th St: from 14 N. 28th St. to 146 N. 28th St.
  • N 29th St: from 5 N. 29th St. to 151 N. 29th St.
  • N 30th St: from 12 N. 30th St. to 145 N. 30th St.
  • N 31st St: from 4 N. 31st St. to 144 N. 31st St.
  • N 32nd St: from 3 N. 32nd St. to 142 N. 32nd St.
  • N 33rd St: from 81 N. 33rd St. to 150 N. 33rd St.
  • Floral Dr: from 124 Floral Dr. to 202 Floral Dr.
  • W Goguac St: from 1109 W. Goguac St. to 1923 W. Goguac St. (odd numbers only)
  • N Helmer Rd: from 98 N. Helmer Rd. to 130 N Helmer Rd. (even numbers only)
  • W Highland Blvd: from 709 W. Highland Blvd. to 1922 W. Highland Blvd.
  • W Territorial Rd: from 1000 W. Territorial Rd. to 2542 W. Territorial Rd. (even numbers only)
  • Walsh St: from 3 Walsh St. to 23 Walsh St. (odd numbers only)