‘Banana Hammer’ time: TV reporters turn frozen fruit into memorable live segment

Posted at 12:13 PM, Feb 17, 2015

RICHMOND, Va. -- The morning news crew at WTVR in Virginia had a pretty good time this morning.

During winter weather coverage Tuesday, reporter Jerrita Patterson went a different route to convey the harsh winter conditions to viewers: she put a banana in the snow.


“I want to really put it into perspective about how cold it is,” she said. “We were able to use a banana that we have, one of our snack items. Now this banana is completely frozen. It is now a banana hammer. So, any home projects, you can actually use this to complete that.”

While most reporters may have used a stick to show how much snow hit the region, Patterson's "banana hammer," got the rest of the morning crew talking.

“A banana hammer! My goodness!” anchor Rob Cardwell said. “Do not mess with Jerrita Patterson. She is armed with a banana hammer.”

While the anchors were a bit shocked, WTVR's morning meteorologist Carrie Rose couldn't help but turn the banana hammer into a dance number.

Banana Hammer time

"How can you not 'Stop, Hammer Time’ when JP drops a banana hammer?” Rose said during her live shot in six inches of snow.