Cupid might need a snowplow to get around Boston

Posted at 8:18 PM, Feb 13, 2015

(CNN) –  Battered Boston is bracing for another big one.

Blizzard warnings will be in effect from 7 p.m. Saturday to 11 a.m. Sunday for much of eastern Massachusetts, including metropolitan Boston.

Snow accumulations of 10 to 14 inches are forecast, with winds from 30 to 40 mph likely. Gusts of up to 75 mph — hurricane strength — are expected.

Travel will become nearly impossible with whiteout conditions expected, along with dangerous wind chills well below zero. Power outages can be expected in many areas, the National Weather Service said.

Speaking of hurricanes, the storm will have a widespread wind field, and blustery, frigid conditions may reach as far south as the North Carolina mountains.

Some areas of the country will have temperatures 40 degrees below normal.

Many will see single digits for their lows. And many will be below zero.

In Boston, it seems like they have been digging out from under the snow for weeks, only to have more fall. Three storms have Bostonians ready to break up with the white stuff.

The snow that has already fallen in Boston is almost the stuff of mythology. The city has set a record 42 inches for the whole month of February. It’s only about half over.

And it’s caused small business to hurt. So much so that Gov. Charlie Baker on Friday declared next week as Valentine’s week.

Can’t get to your romantic restaurant on Saturday, or you forgot to make reservations? The governor is giving you an extension.

Valentine’s by the fire

Mayor Marty Walsh said Thursday the city is bringing in additional resources to help deal with the expected snowfall.

“The Saturday storm creates a sense of urgency. We’re taking extra steps to make sure Boston and people can dig out on Sunday,” he said.

He urged people who were going out to celebrate the lovers’ holiday do so early and do so close to home. With the special day on Saturday and bad weather in the picture, one restaurant owner said too many people are going to try to go out Friday instead.

“Everyone is going to try to cram it in on Friday. Everyone is already booked on those three days. We can only do so much business. We can’t make it up on one day,” Damien DiPaola, who owns Carmelina’s, told CNN affiliate WBZ. DiPaola said he’s been losing more than $10,000 a week in business due to the succession of storms. He thinks people who have reservations for Saturday and Sunday will cancel.

Flower flight delays

Florists and other businesses who count on Valentine’s Day for extra sales are having their own kind of troubles. Some flights bringing in flowers didn’t make it yet, and drivers were navigating roads only to end up searching for a place to park while a runner races to make the delivery.

Eight of Massachusetts’ neighbors are pitching in, sending dump trucks and front-end loaders. New York City was giving up two snow melters, one of which was in action Thursday night, WBZ reported.