Woman accepts surprise proposal, then falls off cliff to her death

Posted at 4:33 AM, Jan 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-30 04:33:47-05

CALA TARIDA, Ibiza – The proposal was one of the last things that 29-year-old Dimitrina Dimitrova heard before falling to her death on a resort island off the coast of Spain.

Dimitrova had flown to visit her boyfriend, working as a waiter in Ibiza, according to reports from the Daily Mail.

On Tuesday, her boyfriend took her to a scenic spot in Cala Tarida and proposed to her.

Police believe she lost her balance jumping up and down in excitement after he popped the question.

She fell 65-feet off the cliff, and police said she had a heart attack from the fall. She was alive when paramedics arrived but died just a few minutes later reported the Daily Mail.

“Everything is pointing towards the death being the result of a tragic freak accident,” a Civil Guard spokesman said, the Daily Mail reported.