Beer + brunch = “Beer-unch”

Posted at 3:18 PM, Jan 11, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-11 15:13:30-05

Kalamazoo, Mich. - If you're looking for gourmet food paired with craft beer, look no further than Kalamazoo's Beer Week. Seven days of beer themed events can be found throughout the city at many local hot spots, including the Centre Street Tap House.

Now serving beer before noon, the Tap House has big plans for this year's Kalamazoo Beer Week. Sunday, they served an inaugural brunch paired with beer, dubbing their Sunday brunch, "Beer-unch."

Guest we spoke with said the new menu items paired with cider beer from Virtue gave them a new dining experience.

"It's something different for breakfast, I mean it sure beats doing just the normal scrambled eggs and bacon type of breakfast," said one guest. "I feel a little guilty having alcohol at ten in the morning.

If you missed Sunday's "Beer-unch," you still have the rest of the week at the Tap House and many other pubs to celebrate Kalamazoo's Beer Week.

Tap House Assistant General Manager, Patti Scarff, believes Beer Week is something special that brings out a myriad of people.

"Beer Week to me is really cool because you get the biggest range of guests," said Scarff. "You don't just get the beer nerds, we have people who have drank hundreds and thousands of different beers and people who are new to it and super excited. So you get this whole new range of people to teach and possibly learn from."

Tap House is partnering with agencies like Virtue, Latitude 42 and Saugatuck Brewing throughout the week.

"We're doing a really cool thing on Wednesday with Saugatuck Brewing where we actually went to Saugutuck and brewed our own beers," said Scarff. "So we're going to be featuring a couple of those and I'm really excited."

Although events for Kalamazoo Beer Week only run for seven days, the Tap House plans on bringing back their Sunday "Beer-unch," again in February.